Found my juice

I am finally at ease with 2020. Matter of fact-ly, I owe 2020 a whole lot now.
The year gave me the gift of clarity. I had been wrapped in a bubble embedded in chaos, awaiting a miniature prick, a scrape, and the inevitable calamitous business failure. So in a way 2020 saved me. The year has been the perfect excuse to take a step back and not be judged for the sabbatical, the furlough, the complete shutdown of the enterprise. I watched as everyone tried to jump first through the door with how to survive post-pandemic. All I really wished for was to understand, how I was surviving pre-pandemic.
My conclusions from the process were
1) Grit had taken me as far as she could. There was nothing else left in her tank to offer an overworked business.

2) The urgency for businesses to globalize to mitigate shocks locally.

3) The need to understand the trust matrix between consumers and businesses and how that matrix drives sales.

4) The usefulness of processes in guaranteeing standards and assuring quality 100% of the time.

5) Need to set efficiency models and review them regularly to keep meeting customer expectations.

6) The need to get great at repetitively doing small things. We all say practice makes perfect. Do we practice over and over to achieve perfection or we just move through the motions allowing the operational realities of our business and work dictate decisions that ought to be strategic? Practice should nurture technique. Techniques should nurture growth.

7) Adaptability and Pivotability. There is a need to find love for nimbleness again. It is not only the strong that survive the ecosystem, the nimble too survive.

8) Document your processes shamelessly and review them continuously.

9) Extension of your professional network beyond your operational sphere. The ideas that the process will generate will help you unlock new gems.

10) Study aggressively: I spent considerable time watching essential services operate during the pandemic without missing a beat. Their approach to businesses should be learnt by all and sundry. Some stores and enterprises had Covid-19 incidents but didn’t shut the door for a day and managed to contain the virus in their little cocoons and kept churning out service. The question is HOW?

The time to build an ark is before the storm
The time to prepare for Covid-19 was before Covid-19.
The next best time is NOW!

This is a time to win. Let’s win.

Business advisor with interests in music, media, technology