The University of Ilorin (Campus gate) is better by far?

Yet again my sleep has been truncated by a nightmare. How do I explain that nearly two decades after leaving a Nigerian university a fully grown man and father of two still have nightmares about my varsity days?

For four years, I was more consumed by the possibility of being attacked by the various dreaded cult members than I was in drawing Macro economics graphs and the 14 principles of business management by Henri Fayol.

After yesterday's episode, I woke up for the first time and asked myself honestly in Debo Macaroni’s world famous voice; Dapo, are you normal? Really…

Before inspirational business coaches Tim Robbins and Gary Vee, there was Nigerian Rhumba, Calypso inspired musician, Mike Okri. His album, Concert Fever in 1989 contained the timeless record “Time na Money” where he sang

“Time na money o, Use your time well, do beta thing, money no dey fall from heaven, do beta thing, money go come. Na true word I dey tell you so.” (Time is money, use it well and profit exponentially)

The Anglican Church, Lagos Island

1989 was a year filled with riots. For the first time, since 1978, when the World Bank started her country classifications in the World Development Report…

The Iconic Volvo 244 GL

I remember the Volvo 244 GL fondly. I remember her for the fond memories of traveling for two days with a night spent at the Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt to my high school in Ikom, Cross River State as an eager 10-year-old. It was my first road trip towards the East and South of Nigeria. I remember the tears rolling down my eyes as she rolled away in the grassy fields of my high school taking away my security (my parents).

I equally remember her for the Christmas holiday trips to Kwara State. The comfy leather seats, with the car…

Allow me a few moments to share a story. It was a little over three decades ago. I had just come back home from my first term away in boarding school in Ikom, Cross River, Nigeria. The moment, the Nigerian Airways flight touched down in Lagos, I was shipped off to my dad’s office in Surulere. One look at me, he could see the level of damage that, one term boarding school had done. My dad is not one to share all his feelings verbally, but his actions reveal more. For the first time, he asked me to get a…

Found my juice

I am finally at ease with 2020. Matter of fact-ly, I owe 2020 a whole lot now.
The year gave me the gift of clarity. I had been wrapped in a bubble embedded in chaos, awaiting a miniature prick, a scrape, and the inevitable calamitous business failure. So in a way 2020 saved me. The year has been the perfect excuse to take a step back and not be judged for the sabbatical, the furlough, the complete shutdown of the enterprise. I watched as everyone tried to jump first through the door with how to survive post-pandemic. All I really wished…

We are finding our winning streak

On one chilly Lagos night, I went to see a friend Deji Balogun. We got talking business, and he said to me; Dapo it takes 5 years to get into the game and 10 years to win. Trust the process. I almost nearly died in that moment. Nobody has five years to survive this brutal Nigerian business climate?

Five years ago, on July 19, 2013, we sowed a seed. The soil around the seed was gravelly. …

Couple days back, I was scrolling through my timeline and saw a newspaper headline berating the poor showing of the first Nigerian, first African, first black woman in an Olympic skeleton event. I hurriedly went past it, as if to say that article never happened. I would chance on another post, then another post by someone of the same article and then it sunk in, this could get ugly pretty soon. Our darling Simi who had done nothing but bring shine to us at her own personal cost, energy and time will be ridiculed in such a manner.

Give me a mic, and a pen / Make a buck, trade for a yen

Since 2015, my friend Tunji had been dragging me to this monthly meeting of the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, I try to shake it off because i viewed their membership as of a way older age group than me and because their meetings hopelessly drags for the whole day. Somehow I couldn’t resist them and their familiar attitude; entrepreneurs actually enjoy being part of the team, both to be able to share their business burdens and to further seek out opportunities that…

If you had asked every industry insider at the beginning of this year? You would have been told Olamide had little chance of success in 2017, on account of the Headies awards drama on the second day of the year. In one emotional laden moment, he and his Yahoo.Boy.NO.Laptop movement were about to be relegated to the back pages of history. There have been many artists who threw such a tantrum and never regained their career heights anymore. …

Every banker that has done a basic credit course knows that the holy grail of giving credit to anyone are the 5Cs, of which capital and character always piqued my interest.

Before a banker lends you money, he wants to know what nature of capital you will employ to engage his money appropriately to be able to turn a profit for yourself and the bank.

Equally, a banker is concerned about the character of the borrower. cases of Nigerians business people abound that have borrowed money just to acquire the latest wheels or plan elaborate weddings. these same people will…

Dapo Simon Ajeniya

Business advisor with interests in music, media, technology

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